Angelina and Aniston: alike in family dysfunction

The latest issue of OK! Magazine has a cover story claiming that Angelina is "Tormented by Guilt!" after her stupid comment inviting Aniston to sit down with her and have a nice girl chat about the fact that she lured her hapless husband away. Commentors point out that Angelina never brought up the subject that she would like to talk to Aniston and that the interview makes it seem as if she was asked about it and was just answering a question.

I was fooled into buying OK as they claimed it was an exclusive story and I thought it might be an interview, but all they do is speculate that Angelina is going to make it up to Aniston for supposedly pouring salt in the wound of her failed marriage or for ripping open the scab or whatever.

They have an insider who claims that Angie is going to figure out some way to apologize to her for talking about it yet again, but it seems like all they did was rehash the Angelina vs. Aniston feud to sell magazines. It worked on me. The more interesting part of the article is an inset story about how Angelina and Aniston have similar family backgrounds.

At least Aniston is talking to her mom again, but when is Angelina going to make up with her dad? He’s made it clear that he would love to see his grandchildren, but the poor guy has to read interviews with Angelina giving more personal details to the press than she would ever share with him. He doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, and he recently called Zahara "Shakira" by mistake, but kids deserve to know their grandparents and it doesn’t seem like Angelina is being fair to Voight.

What is it about Brad that draws him to such f’ed up women, or is this type of family estrangement common and could that explain it? I’ve never heard of any of my friends not talking to their parents for years. Even if they have bad relationships with their family, they deal with it and argue. When grandchildren are involved you put on a happy face and let your kids get spoiled.