Apophis Asteroid More Likely To Hit Earth In 2036

The Apophis asteroid, or the Aapophis asteroid as some people are misspelling it, has a good chance of hitting Earth in 2036 according to some experts.

The 2013 TV135 asteroid recently sailed past us last month at a distance of 4.2 million miles, which is 17 times the distance from the moon. As a comparison to the Apophis asteroid, NASA says the chances of asteroid 2013 TV135 hitting Earth are one in 63,000 while Apophis was originally estimated at one in 40, or 2.7 percent.

But it’s a relatively new discovery so estimates will be adjusted, which is what happened with the 2029 estimate for Apophis. NASA now says there’s little danger of the Apophis asteroid hitting us at that time.

Compared to most NEAs, the Apophis asteroid is big enough to destroy an entire region or at least set off massive tsunamis if it were to hit an ocean. The Russian meteorite was only 17 meters when it hit Earth’s atmosphere and that injured 1,600 people.

The composition of the NEA is still being analyzed but their standard dynamical model says 2036 is more dangerous, giving Apophis a small estimated chance of impact of less than one in 45,000for the date of April 13, 2036.