Dance Moms Host Sees Assault Claims By Former Cast Member Dismissed

Kwan also said that despite claims that Miller threw a chair in Hyland’s direction in the past, she simply didn’t believe that the young dancer was afraid of the TV coach. For one thing, Hyland stayed on Dance Moms for more than a year after the alleged incident and only filed the claims after her mother’s complaint was in the courts.

All of which doesn’t absolutely mean lawsuit filed October 9 will be shuffling off the scene. The younger Hylands’ attorneys are considering an appeal on the ruling. The older Hyland’s case still is moving forward with breach-of-contract claims against producers Collins Avenue.

This being reality TV, both incidents with Kelly Hyland and Paige Hyland were caught on camera. In the case tossed today, Paige Hyland was represented by LA’s Michael Shapiro and San Marcos’ Marcus Jackson. The lawyers also represented her mother, sister and herself in the other suit.