Technology: Here’s why LG won’t launch a new Nexus smartphone this year

LG has confirmed it will not be releasing smartphone under Google’s Nexus series this year. The company says the move is aimed at building its own brand, though adds it is totally happy with its relationship with Google.

According to a LG spokesperson, the Nexus project needs a lot of resources, which it intends to invest in its own range of products this year. LG launched its new flagship smartphone, G5, at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

With the G5, LG is experimenting with a modular phone concept. The flagship smartphone has an expansion slot that allows users to swap in modules such as batteries, camera module, Hi-Fi audio chip, smart controller and much more. LG also introduced a range of accessories with the new G5 smartphone.

LG has also confirmed it will be relaunching LG Watch Urbane LTE 2nd Edition in the second half of the year. The company had halted the sales of the smartwatch less than a week after the launch citing issues with the display.

LG’s departure from the Nexus project is bit surprising considering its previous Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were big success. Last year it launched the Nexus 5X along with Huawei, which launched the Nexus 6P with relatively high-end features. The decision also indicates Google has managed overshadow the Nexus project with its greater control over the hardware and software, and may have led to the reluctance of hardware partners.

Going forward Google is looking to completely do away with hardware partners for smartphones, and is likely to mimic Apple with its own in house hardware design. According to reports, Google is also going to build its own chips that allow the company to take even greater control of the Nexus devices.